Hannah van Bergen

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Different sources of inspiration have led my work in two main directions – lively cityscapes / street scenes and, perhaps seemingly randomly, contemporary deckchair scenes. I have always found city lights and the hustle and bustle of urban life particularly inspiring but I also love the sense of calm and serenity that comes from snowy mountain views or staring out at the ocean.

Using bold contrasts and vibrant colours, I apply acrylic paint in various forms to build up layers and texture. I paint quite instinctively, often changing direction mid-way through a piece. If I am painting a place that evokes emotion such as a busy city, I aim to convey the character and excitement more than the reality of the buildings themselves.

Ultimately I want to transport the viewer into the scene and leave them there to enjoy it…

…People have described my art as “happy art” and I like that, I think if you are going to invest in a painting and hang it on your wall, why shouldn’t it make you smile?

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