Jane Boswell

Jane Boswell has been painting all her life. Her subject matter ranges from  Landscape and natural forms to delicious cake. Jane loves to cycle around the Welsh countryside near her home in Abergavenny.  These trips always include a cake stop. ‘ I will take photos before eating the lovely cakes and then produce oil paintings on wooden panels’
Jane works on  a small scale , no bigger than 20 x 20 cm in size. She first impregnates the panels with linseed oil before blocking in the shapes and colours. She then adds the texture and detail, often leaving sections of the panel unpainted revealing the grain and colour of the natural wood.
Jane is a member of the Black Mountain Art Circle and Made In Monmouthshire
Her work is exhibited at The Court Cupboard Craft Gallery  Abergavenny and she has been exhibited widely in South Wales.

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