Keith Rogers

“Bricks crumble, plaster cracks, iron rusts and wood rots – a powerful sense of nostalgia fills the air.”
Mudeford Artist Keith Rogers created his latest project in response to a behind-the-scenes tour of Highcliffe Castle. “Fragmentation – The Past Meets the Present“ is a collection of works inspired by the Castle’s remaining spaces, filled with artefacts that lie in wait for the final stages of restoration. The artwork brings attention to the natural sculpting of ageing fragments, the beauty of decay and the story behind it. Through photography and mixed media, images focus on geometric structure, colour and their relationship to the frame. Some photographs are ‘as is’ because that is the truth, the wonder of the image. Others have been fragmented by cutting and redistributing the parts to create yet another image. This reflects how the castle was originally constructed using materials and artefacts gathered from a variety of sources, including French medieval ruins dating back as far as the twelfth century. “Fragmentation” sets out to embrace the imperfect, aged, authentic qualities of these objects and spaces.

Keith is an artist and designer living in Mudeford, Christchurch.
He graduated in Graphic Design and Visual Communication at Birmingham College of Art and Design with a special interest in 3 dimensional work. His main career has been in Television Production, Graphic Design and Set Design. He relocated to California and lived there for 25 years working as a Media Specialist in education, and producing documentaries, promotions, TV commercials and learning materials. During this time he worked as a Director, Scriptwriter, Editor, Graphic and Set Designer. Now living on the Dorset coast he is working on special projects, including fine art, graphics, media and stage design.

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