Lawrie Quigley

After graduating from my M.A in Fine Art at the Royal Academy of Art, I have exhibited in many leading contemporary Art galleries both regionally as well in London, and have taught Art and Design on a range of Further and Higher Education courses, as well as adult community classes – having recently moved to Christchurch from London last year.

My work is rooted within the figurative tradition of British and European Painting, and oscillates between figure/composition studio based ideas and the translation of landscape or city-scape.

The figure compositions are often literature or theatre inspired and concerned with role play and identity – conveyed through my interests in lighting and atmosphere.

The landscape and cityscape are engaged with the manipulation and enjoyment of paint, endeavouring to capture the ‘ spirit or mood of place’ – evoked by particular times of day and weather conditions of our environment and the world around us.

The romantic fervour of Turner and Constable in their immediacy and direct response to the landscape is prominent in the depiction of the fleeting atmospheric changes that occur in nature – and are nearly always painted in situation in order to be both alert and sensitive in my visual response and interpretation.

They are as much about the painterly and abstract qualities conveyed in the mark making, as well as the expressive and spontaneous translation of perceptual experience – so that the process itself becomes the subject of the work.

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