Molly Board

Molly is still only a teenager on her way to Art School in Leeds next year.  This will be her first solo exhibition and  an expression through colour and texture of her experience of life so far.  These paintings have all been painted with her hands which gives the work a unique style of its own.

“You, I and everyone who surrounds us are ageing.  It’s the path of life.  You age in time and time ages you.  You can’t stop time and you can’t stop ageing.  Everyone takes this journey.. it’s life.  You have a beginning and an end.  It’s your memory that holds treasures and hardships – everyone experiences this.  But every being has a different story of ‘life'”.  Molly Board, 2015

To learn more of Molly, you can view a video of her talking about her paintings in the ‘News’ section on this website.

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