Nina Fraser

Nina Fraser presents ‘Menagerie’ – a masquerade of bird portraits in acrylic ink and collage, exploring notions of display and allure.  The work is a result of an emotive response to the symbolic and allegorical nature of birds, that have the ability to cross both linguistic and territorial boundaries.  Vivid colours and the seductive visual language of fashion are used to address issues of dislocation and desire, serving to undermine conventional expectations about our relationship with nature and commodity.  This series is part of a greater body of work that also explores aspects of taxidermy, skin as a construct and the changing role of the museum institution with contemporary society.

Nina Fraser (born St.Albans, UK, 1984) gained a first class tons BA Textile Art at Winchester College of Art, Hampshire, UK in 2006.  It was from this material investigation that she eventually found herself working directly with paper.  Multidisciplinary, Nina’s work draws influence from drawing, painting, collage and sculpture, often combining several processes in one work.  Nina’s work is polarised by that of self-reflection and exterior exploration, exploring the notions of appropriation, longevity, desire and attachment. She creates collage, paintings and sculpture inspired by human interaction and relationship with the environment. She has exhibited in solo and collective exhibitions in UK, Portugal, Italy, Germany and USA. Her collage work has been selected for publication in USA, ltaly, UK, Spain and Portugal, and was one of the selected entries for the Evolver prize in 2017 (UK).  In June 2019, Nina has been selected by jury for the prestigious COLabs ‘Body and Place’ drawing residency.   She lives and works between Lisbon, Portugal and Christchurch, Dorset, never missing a chance to breathe in the sea air.

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