Shirley Foote

My background and training was in ceramics. I trained at The West of England Bristol and Corsham. After working professionally in ceramics for nearly 30 years, I realised I had taken  clay as far as I wanted to go and started to paint fulltime. This was about 1992.

Statement for one of the solo exhibitions…

Shirley Foote’s paintings are essentially abstract in presentation, but are openly informed by both urban and rural landscape. ( She has developed a set of recurring, intuitive motifs and signature co;ours that owe their genesis to the artists observation of natural and manmade phenomena (painted oil drums, rusty metal, cracks in walls, pavements etc) and which manifest themselves as sensitively composed non-confrontational and balanced images in which bright jewels of colour are invariably set in pale, muted grounding field.

There is no seemingly attempt to grapple with the complex, inorganic, uglier aspects of the world, rather there is a tangible denial of anything suggestive of the darker side of human experience. This is painting of adult innocence, the wide eyed exploration of a world reduced to its costituent pleasures.

Richard Blackborow, Art critic

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