Zed Desideraja

Zed Desideraja is a self taught artist. He embraces painting as a means to narrate a certain story telling: following an existentialist vision to depict the essence of the human condition. He employs a style that stems from Expressionism and the Neo-Expressionist movement that exploded in Europe in the 1980’s, especially in Germany. Desideraja’s work is an autonomous reading and interpretation of the human figure. And with his portraits, the characters deformation and dynamic movement is more important than the identification of the face, often reminiscent of his compatriot, Francis Bacon.

British born Zed has been based in Mexico for most of this past decade and has established an enviable art career. With his Brutal Act of Painting series, he has had solo sell out exhibitions in some of the best galleries in the region and has secured his work in prestigious art collections around the world.

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