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Materials: 1/50, 1/60, 170gsm, 2/5, 3/25, 3/5, 4/5, 40 x 81 cm, 71 x 60 cm, A/P, Acrylic, Acrylic & Charcoal on Board, Acrylic & Charcoal on Canvas, acrylic and charcoal on canvas, Acrylic Ink, Acrylic on Board, Acrylic on Canvas, Acrylic on Canvas with Copper Leaf, Acrylic on Canvas with Gold Leaf, Acrylic on Canvas with Silver Leaf, Acrylic on Paper, Acrylic, Pigment, Mixed Media on Arches Aquarelle, Acrylic, Pigment, Mixed Media on Wood Panel, Acrylicon Canvas, Aluminium, Aluminium Panel, AP, Arches Aquarelle, Arches Aquarelles, Board, Boardl, Bronze, Bronze & Portland Stone ed.10, Bronze & Slate, Edition 10, Bronze and Slate, Bronze and Slate, Edition 10, Bronze and Slate, Edition 40, Bronze Ed. 9, Bronze Suspended in Resin Surface, Bronze, Gold & Silver Leaf, Edition of 9, Bronze, Stone & Goldleaf, Canvas, Canvass, Carborundum, Carborundum and Hand Colouring, Carborundum with hand colouring, Edition of 7,, Carborundum, ed. 3/20, Carborundum, edition of 20, unframed, Charcoal, Charcoal & Acrylic on Canvas, Charcoal & Acrylic on Paper, Cliff, Cliff Path Materials, Collage, Copper Leaf, Cotton Duck Canvas, Deckchair Canvas, Deep-edged Stretch Linen, Diabond Aluminium Case, Digitally Transformed Photograph, Drypoint, ed. 1/10, ed. 1/5, ed. 1/6, ed. 1/7, ed. 10, ed. 10/60, ed. 11/50, ed. 16/50, ed. 18/60, ed. 2/10, ed. 2/5, ed. 2/8, ed. 2/9, ed. 3/10, ed. 3/20, ed. 3/5, ed. 4/10, ed. 48/60, ed. 6/10, ed. 6/40, ed. 6/50, ed.27/75, ed.3/3, Edition 1/12, Edition 10, Edition 10, Carborundum & Hand Colouring, Unframed, Edition 14/24, Edition 3, Edition 4, Edition 4/24, Edition 5, Edition 6/18, Edition 7, Carborundum & Hand Colouring, Unframed, Edition 8/12, Edition of 5, Edition of 50, Edition of 8, Encaustic Wax, Encaustic Wax on Wood Panel, Entomology Pins, Epoxy Resin with waxed and bronze finish, Etching, Etching Edition of 60, Etching, Edition 75, Etching, Edition of 60, Fiberglassed Form, Fine Art, Forged Stainless Steel, Four x Prints, Framed, Gesso, Gesso Panel, Giclee Print, Gilded Copper Leaf Surface, Gilded Gold Leaf Surface, Gold, Gold Leaf, Gouache, Gouche, Granite Rock, Graphite, Graphite, White Acrylic & Indian Ink, Hand Colouring, Handmade Cotton Rag Paper, Hessian, Indian Ink, Ink, Ink Jet Paper, Ink Pigment, Jesmonite, Jesmonite ed. 2/8 (Captain Black), Jesmonite edition 8. £3000 each, Khadi Paper, Lasercut Paper, Lasercut Paper, Silver Leaf, Pins, Limited Ed Photo on awagami washi bamboo paper 170gsm, Limited ed. Photograph (ed.50) on Awagami Washi Bamboo paper, Limited Edition, Limited Edition 2, Limited Edition 3, Limited Edition 4, Limited Edition Screenprint, Printers Proof ed. /3, unframed, Limited Edition Screenprint, Printers Proof ed. /5, unframed, Linen, Linen Canvas, Linocut, Mere Materials, Metal Leaf, Metallic Leaf & Acrylic on Canvas, Mixd Media, Mixed Media, Mixed Media on Board, Mixed Media on Canvas, Mixed Media on Rag Paper, Mixed Media Paper Collage, Mixed Media with ink tinted variegated metal/silver leaf, Mixed Media with ink tinted variegtated metal/silver leaf., Mixed Media with verdigris and polished bronze finish, Monoprint, Monotype, Mounted Photograph, Netting, of 12, of 5, Oil, Oil & Aluminium Leaf on Canvas, Oil & Ink on Canvas, Oil & Mixed Media, Oil & Mixed Media on Aluminium, Oil & Mixed Media on Board, Oil in Wood Panel, Oil n Board, Oil on Board, Oil on Canvas, Oil on Panel, Oil on Wood Panel, Panel, Paper, Paper Collage, Paper, Silk, Pins, Paperl, Pastel, Pastel on Handmade Paper, Photograph, Photomontage, Pigment, Pigments, Pins, Portland Stone, Print, Printer's Proof, Pumice, Rag Paper, Recovered Wood, Resin, Ripstop, Roof Slate, Rust, Sacking, Sacking Cloth, Sand, Screen Monoprint, Screen Print, Screenprint, Screenprint A/P, Screenprint ed. 4/10, Screenprint, Edition 6, Screenprint, Edition of 10, Screenprint, Edition of 3, Screenprint, Edition of 5, Screenprint, Edition of 8, Screenprint, Limited Ed. 12, Sepia, Sepia, Ink & Wash on Paper, Signed Print, Silk, Silkscreen, Silkscreen Print, Edition of 60, Silver Leaf, Silverleaf Pins, Site Earths, Site Materials, Slate, Somerset Paper, Stainless Steel, Stone, Ten Bronze Figures with individual names, each on slate base, Triptych, Acrylic & Ink on Board, True Gesso, Unframed, Wash, Watercolour, Watercolour on Canvas, Watercolour on Handmade Paper, White Acrylic, Wire, Wood, Wood cut, Wood Panel, Wood Panels, Woodcut, Acrylic & Collage on Canvas, Acrylic & Collage with Ink on Board, Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas, Acrylic on Canvas on Board, Acrylic on Linen Canvas, Acrylic on Panel, Acrylic, Collage & Ink on Canvas, Burnt Gorse & Gouache with Acrylic on Homemade Rag Paper, Carborundum, Limited Edition of 60, Copper Leaf on Canvas, Edition 50, Edition 75, Gold Leaf on Canvas, Gouache on Board, Gouache with Acrylic, Collage & Earths on Homemade Cotton Rag paper, Gouache with Acrylic, site litter & earths on Handmade Cotton Rag Paper, Gouache with Acrylic, Site Litter & Earths on Homemade Cotton Rag Paper, Graphite, Wax, Magazine Ink on Acid Free Tissue Paper 22g, Leaves, wax, magazine ink on Japanese Rice Paper, Limited ed print, edition 200, Limited Ed. Print, ed 200, Limited Edition Print, Limited Edition Print, ed. 200, Limited edition print, edition 200, Linocut, Edition 50, Metallic Leaf, Acrylic, Collage with Ink on Board, Mixed Media on Paper, Oil on Canvas on Board, Oil on Linen Canvas, Site Earths & Gouache on Handmade Cotton Rag Paper, Diptych, Site Materials with Acrylic on Wood, Watercolour & Mixed Media on Paper, Watercolour Frottage on Japanese Rice Paper, Watercolour on Paper, Wooodcut, Limited Ed. 75
Material of Frame: Unframed
Size: 61 x 76 cm

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